The Waiting Season

 Waiting can sometimes be a time that you dread in your life. I'm here to share how waiting makes you better like a fine wine.

Are you in a waiting season of your life? Is it possible that God is working something marvelous in a secret place. Possibly he is working on your character. He could be working on your motives, or is it wisdom. He wants to boil off every single impurity because there is no way God was going to present to the world an unrefined, unfermented underdeveloped product of you or me.

When it comes to winemaking, the fermentation stage is nothing more than a waiting area for the grapes. They have already been crushed, and now the grapes find themselves in an aspect of the process where there is no pain, so to speak. It’s in that transitory moment of waiting that God is preparing you for the next season. Destruction can come when we want to move too soon, after crushing us, God exercises His grace by allowing us to ferment in the supposed stillness of...

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