Kingdom of God or Religion part 1

This is a series where we will that a look at the Kingdom of God versus Christianity as a religion. We are going to look first at what did Jesus the King come preaching 2K years ago. Many people called Jesus rabbi, and rightly we could. He was and is one of the greatest teachers off all time. However he is not a teacher. When Jesus started his public earthly ministry he submitted to his earthly cousin who was baptizing in the Jordan river people who were looking for the promised Messiah (King) of Israel. A King who would sit on the throne of his father David (Today, many Jewish people and rabbis are still looking for this King). John tells the crowd there is one coming who will baptize them with fire. Then Jesus who is in line waiting to be baptized, and John sees him and says; Behold the  Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29). So now we have a lamb, and a Messiah (King). In John's gospel he says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God (John 1:1). Now we have the Word, a Lamb and a Messiah (King).

Now these are three images or words that don't seem to have anything in common! Lets look at all three.

First we have the Word

who put on flesh and the angel tells Mary and Joseph to call his name (Jesus) (Matthew 1:21). So really His eternal name is Word.


Now lets look at Him as the Lamb of God.

The book of Leviticus in the Torah tells us that the people of Israel had to bring a spotless lamb before God as a sin offering. So Jesus is that sin offering for the whole world. He knew no sin, in Him was no sin and he did no sin, hence our spotless lamb of God. God paid for our sin by sending His own son as our spotless lamb. all we need to do is accept that by faith and receive Him (Jesus) as our lamb. Now Jesus the Messiah (King).

Jesus said many times in his earthly ministry this phrase (the Kingdom of heaven is at hand) In Matthews gospel Jesus uses this phrase the most, why? because the Jewish people understood Kingship and were and are looking for the next King who would be David's son. Mathew also starts off in his book about Jesus who is the son of David, son of Abraham. 

So is Jesus a religious leader or a King?  All of the evidence points to Jesus as a king of a Kingdom. So what impact does this have on my leadership? true leadership comes from a King and not a religious leader of some sorts, even though they may have a good insights to gleam, true leadership skills comes from a King. I have applied Kingdom teaching from a biblical skillset that have taken me from the streets of despair to a top leader with a fortune 500 company as a trainer / leader. only a King can do that. What if Jesus is the Word who took on flesh, to be the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, and the coming King and Messiah? Then that should change your view of God and change how you either lead people in whatever sphere God has gifted you to lead.


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