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1-on1 Strategy Session


45 minute session

Book a  FREE session with me so I can explore your needs, challenges or problems. In this session I will help you to gain clarity and build a strategy to help you. So reach out now to me, allow me to serve you in this FREE  strategy session.


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Coach with Daryl


2 /1 Hour long sessions

Take advantage of twenty five years of experience in leadership. I was a trainer for a fortune 500 restaurant, and twenty years in ministry. Let's take a journey together explore how my expertise, coaching, and nurturing heart can bring you the clarity and the transformation that you desire.

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Communication 101


per person / 10 person minim

This is a  live training, that will be done as a webinar on zoom. This will also include a personal assessment as well as a One on One Coaching session with coach Daryl This is fun and an interpersonal experience. this is a company favorite.


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Coaching with ILD

This is a company that I coach with. ILD stands for "The Institute of Leadership Development". They have coaches for all of your needs. Whether it's a Family owned company, C suite team, middle management or families and individuals. Contact Rebecca Rhodes @ for more information. We would love to help you to change.


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Donate to Restoration Ministries

Thank you for sowing your seed to this ministry! Your donation allows us to minister through Restoration Ministries and API Forces and our newest outreach called Kingdom Living with- Daryl.

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Group Coaching

$100 per session

6 month commitment

In this group coaching you will learn tools to equip you to live your life as a Kingdom warrior. You will have teaching from Daryl and Judy and their guest. you will receive field assignments, coaching from a biblical worldview and much more!

There will be one session per month.



"Daryl your ministry helped me when I was in a desert place. God truly was shaping my character as you came along side me to help me see what God was doing in me.  You helped me to see how God was shaping me to be a leader and a discipler of men. Your counsel set me firm in the foundation of the truth of the gospel, and what Jesus has done for me and that it was finished at the cross. You have been,  and you are a strong mentor, coach, and a man who continues to equip me in biblical principles and promises. You have helped me to gain wisdom in walking with Gods Spirit and discerning how to handle difficult situations.  You have helped me to teach and love others, and to handle life wisely."


Ranch Manager


Ranch Manager

"I want to tell you that you are awesome and I am so glad that God put you in my life. You have helped me in bigger ways than I have known. You have taught me about humility, and that I am completely righteous! God has taken me to an amazing place in my life, and that wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance, insights, and love that you have poured into me. There’s so much that I want to say but don’t know how to express!"





"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Daryl McCray for over 12 years. In those years there are four things that clearly standout about him. First is his commitment to his faith. Daryl’s faith is a compass and source of life for those who are around him. The next one is his listening heart. He is a great listener who truly seeks to encourage you to reach your full potential and pushes you to pursue the best possible outcomes that you are currently being challenged in. The third one is his passion for mentoring and seeing personal growth in leaders. The last one is Daryl strives daily to live a lifestyle of discipline so that he can give more to those he mentors and coaches. Daryl is that coach who will help give you the tools to break through your internal barriers and put you on the path to success. "

Lazurus Martin

Financial Stategist

Lazurus Martin

Financial Stategist

Daryl listened to our story and he was able to see where we came from and agreed with us in where we believe God is taking us. Daryl created an environment that was informative and he chose to seek to understand our hearts. Daryl also created an environment  of faith where we were able to link together in faith with him.

John and Jill Toth

John and Jill Toth

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