Kingdom of God or Religion part 2

The last time we talked about Jesus being a King and that He is a King of a Kingdom. That was the message he came to bring to the world. However we have turned his message into a religion that we call Christianity. Many people have misinterpreted the bible's message about a relationship that Jesus paid for us to have with God into some form of religion. We have many different kinds of religions in the world, all with the same premise of us trying to be good enough to get to God. God wanted and accomplished getting mankind to come through faith, by sending his Word and wrapping it in flesh and calling him Jesus the Messiah, or Jesus Christ. Religion tells us that we need to keep a set of rules or rituals to please God. God's standard is perfection! Religion or religious rituals sooth our conscious in some ways. Some people say that Christianity (as a religion) is the right religion to get to God. Religion will never give you the peace that Jesus came to bring to the world. Religion...

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