Off to the Races

Here we are running right into 2019, leading our companies, ministries, family and careers. What has the Lord shown you for your family, business or ministry in 2019? As leaders we can tend to look into the rearview mirror of what happened in 2018 the good and the bad. We can look at all of the failures, disappointments, challenges and victories. All of these are now in your past. You have this wide open frontier to conquer and develop in 2019, with it will come challenges to manage, people and systems to develop, and victories to celebrate.

Leadership is not easy! A good leader will inspire and motivate their people, create enthusiasm, find solutions and develop people to be and do all that they can. You will want to earn a fresh level of respect instead of leaning on last years respect. Learn ways to give credit where credit is due. Challenge yourself to go to the next level, I am. There is a time to ask for help, "humility comes before honor" . Don't rest on the victories you had last year, challenge your team to set their sails and follow the wind of the Spirit, He already knows God's predestined plans for you.

Life hits leaders all of the time! do you have safe places and people in your life that you can go to? This is part of successful leadership. leaders who have safe people in their lives arrive at their destinations in one piece. there is safety in numbers. When life hits you in 2019 and it will, do you have in place a safe person that you can go too. "There is wisdom in the multitude of counselors". 

So if you need a safe person, check me out. I have years of leadership with fortune 500 companies and ministries. I understand all of what you may go through this year. We all need each other! So go and run your race, surrounded with wise and safe counselors who will run with you through all of the victories, and challenges that 2019 will bring. Run into all that God has for you!

Coach Daryl

[email protected] 


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