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 "Did you know that it was ordained for you to be at this webpage at this time? Are you seeking the meaning, purpose and end of Life (your life)"? life is a concrete, or abstract phenomenon (observable event or fact). …Whoa! To continue this journey and this experience, leave your name and email. Further information is forthcoming! God’s will, I will see you soon.


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William L. McCray


William McCray also known as BroMc, served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 plus years and retired as a MSgt. He was “born again” in June 1972. He graduated from St. Emma Military Academy (High School). He also attended Miami-Dade CC and Tenn. A&I State University.  In 1976, he was called as a Minister - Missionary - Teacher focusing on Counseling, Bible Fellowship, and Discipling. in 1986 - 1987 He was Called as an Elder and ordained as a Chaplain and has served in counseling and discipleship, and leading bible study groups; in Jail/Prisons/Community Correction Centers/Substance Abuse Rehab Programs/Rescue Mission, Hospital and Street Ministry; and serving and ministering in and to the local church.

He is passionate about discipling new believers and ministering to men. He is especially passionate about knowing, and loving and serving Our Creator, God: and making Him known. He has been married to Dr. Frances H. McCray for eighteen years. He is the father of a blended family of eight, with three natural born adult children (one is deceased) and thirteen grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. He also is involved with Social/Religious groups and organizations.

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New Start Global Outreach Ministries, Inc. exist to assist all who want a new start whether it is your initial, or a rededication and refocusing/re-purposing of your life towards the Kingdom of God and His Son Jesus of Nazareth. Allow me to help you Know, Love and Serve God: and Make Him Known in His Self-revelation as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Our classes will help you to know What He is (or isn’t); and Who He is (or isn’t), and what that means to us today and in to eternity!


New Start Global Outreach Ministries, Inc. is to Go, and teach all Nations concerning the gospel of God, and His Son Messiah Jesus of Nazareth: and Their work in and through the Holy Ghost in the World now and which will be. Making Them known; and those who believe and receive Jesus of Nazareth as Savior and Lord, and are baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things that Jesus has commanded us; so that Jesus will become their Lord and Savior. Matthew 6: 24, 33; Matthew 22:37-39; Matthew 24:3-24:14; 28:18-20;



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